Diary of Indonesian Students of ELE FOCALAE 2015, Part 1

What did you all know about Colombia? A country that located in South of America are known for its drug cartel and drug lord Pablo Escobar. Honestly, I need to say that it was Colombia more than 20 years ago and it changed a loooot! This country is a lot thing to offers, from the mega biodiversity, amazing landscape and fantastic culture!

In 2015, Nine students from Indonesia are lucky enough to had an opportunity to experienced themselves by studying in Universidad Autónoma De Bucaramanga (UNAB) and living in the city of Bucaramanga which located 8 hours from the capital of Colombia, Bogota. They are the recipient of ELE Focalae scholarship from Colombian government. 

This is a different perspective about Colombia through the eyes of the students, whom had lived and interacted with the Colombian people. 
So we are gonna share our amazing experience in Colombia through this video. The video lasts for 13 minutes and consists of 3 parts.

The first part of video is explaining about their impression about the country. We introduced ourselves in Spanish, even though our Spanish was not that excellent (Off course, most of us just learnt it 4 months ago!). Then, we talked about the city where we lived, Bucaramanga, and how we lived there. Talking about the city means talking about the university, so that we also happily told you about our university and the activities that we have done there! One of them was how do we introduce Indonesian culture by cuisine!

Please enjoy the first part!

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