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Why Kinabalu should be in your travel list?

Click here to read the Indonesian version Malaysia, is located next to Indonesia and obviously become a sensitive thingy to most of Indonesian. This country has a border with Indonesia, exactly at the Borneo Island or Kalimantan. Mount Kinabalu is located at Borneo which happens to be a quite famous Mount to the mountaineers. I was thinking that if Kinabalu was located in Indonesia, that would be cool and easier for the Indonesians, but after i did this hiking trip to Kinabalu, I got new perspectives that made feel thankful that this mount is located and managed by Malaysia. Why is that? Let's find out!! The highest at Borneo If Sumatra has its Kerinci, Java has Semeru, and Lombok has Rinjani, What does Kalimantan / Borneo has? Some mentioned Mount Bukit Raya and the other mentioned Mount Kinabalu. Yes, Kalimantan or Borneo has its Kinabalu. That highest mount in Borneo and it has 4095 m above sea level. Not to mention that Mount Kinabalu selected as one of UN