1 Year After NIDA Summer Camp

June 17, 2013

One year ago from Today, there were about 30 students from 8 countries gathered in one beautiful city which called bangkok. These young people didn't know each other, have different background, different perspective and just expected something new would be happened in their life in this special event. All they know and want is just to become good representative and to attend the event : ASEAN summer camp for cultural tourism 2013. This special event was held by great and kind organizer who came from NIDA, one of leading graduate university in Thailand.

I will not explain this event details because I will explain through another post. The things that I would like to explain is what has already happened after the event. Now, though 1 year has passed we still connected each other. We have met each other in differrent place in the world.

So that's why I would like to say thank you for Eiko to make this video and other campers for their contribution.

Maybe this video is not important to the most of viewer, but for us? It's really touching. Really! it could be our motivation when we fall and our memoriam when we miss each ot.
Even the message in the video is short, most of us said it quite long.

This is my original message:
Hi, thanks to NIDA and all campers for the moment that you gave. I hope we can maintain this relationship until we finish our time in this world. we don't know what will happen in the future. If someone forget your name, my name, her name or his name, just remind us through this moment. It's gonna be classic story for our future. I don't when I'll see you again. Soon, I hope..

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