I wrote this letter through my note on facebook.It was written on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 5:26pm
I think my greatest achievement when I was choosen as a President of Sabhawana in high school, cause I think Sabhawana is great organization, especially for high school organization. They had achieved many achievement such as overseas and domesctic expedition  ,for example Kilimanjaro,Mount Blanc, Cartenz Expedition and many more. I think It was great achievement because no many of student organization who can got these achivements. Then, in this organization I've learnt many things such as how to interract with other people, leadership skill, communication skill, organization skill and outdoor activities skill such as mountaineering, land navigation, survival and search and rescue(SAR). Beside that I also got valuable experience such as hard training 3 times a week, hiking in under pressure situation, survival in the jungle, and handle many accidents like handle someone fell down from the hill, then handle someone who almost dying in the mountain, till lost in jungle for a few days. It was unforgettable experience, because I get it all when I was 15 till 16 years old. Only a few people who got these experience.

I have done many things in this organization. I learn about tour managennt and event management. First, I’ve held a seminar for all outdoor organization students in Jakarta,it was the first in Jakarta I think, we did it for twice. Then I also held blood donation in my high school area, I got good appreciation from many teacher. I think,it such a kind of achievement for me, because my academic grade is not so good at the time. I often skip the class and belong of lazy student in high school.

Then in this organization I also often invited by other school organization, so I can get many friends there, sharing our experience and held practice together. It’s also help me to improve my social skills and grow my knowledge.

After that in this organization also learn about dreams or vision. As a human we have to know our passion, vision and our meaning of life. Then we also trained as human who have optimistic, high responsibility ,controlling fear, and think in under pressure. It’s because we learn it from the nature, in the wildest we can’t ask to anyone. This things is really really useful,and how luckily I am because I got it when I was 15. It makes me to became open minded person, tough, optimistic, visioner and have high responsibility to face the world.

The last things that I got is my new family, I got my beloved family in this organization. This is happen because we always got trained together. We often got under pressure together,it makes us strong and solid. If one of us makes a mistake, so all of us will got punishment. It’s hard things, but we always face the trouble at tough. We are “slaughtered” together because we are many we are one. From this things I learn the meaning of “sense of belonging” and “sense of kindship”.Thanks for Sabhawana.

daripada jadi dokumen bekas,ya iseng aja gw paste ke sini.jujur gw bener2 lemah di writing,sorry2 kata aja kalo tulisan gw amburadul apalagi grammarnya....what do u think as a reader?

It has just been written 15 months ago and I found many mistakes.
It was ridiculous but I'm happy on it. Finally I can see the different even for small things. As Muhammad Ali quotes that The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.

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